Help Iraqi Christian victims of genocide

iraqi genocide

The UN Security Council finally voted this week – unanimously – to help Iraq investigate and prosecute ISIS for its crimes against Christians and other religious minorities.

“It may have taken a long time to get here,” said US Ambassador Nikki Haley, “but today’s resolution is a landmark. It is a major first step towards addressing the death, suffering, and injury of the victims of crimes committed by ISIS in Iraq – crimes that include genocide.”

But what’s happening with the survivors? Who is helping the Christians who escaped ISIS?

The U.S. has given $1.4 billion in humanitarian aid for Iraq since 2014. It was sent through the UN, and very little reached Christian communities. The UN issues reports that “grossly overstate” their work in Christian towns, and people in the region say the only major projects are being done by church groups.

We don’t know how long it will take for the Trump administration to fix the bureaucratic mess.

But we won’t wait.

CFI is partnering with co-workers on-the-ground providing medical and other essential supplies to Christian refugees in Iraq.

Brave Christians helping Christians who have fled war and terror in Iraq and Syria. Providing medical supplies, encouragement and prayers. A network and supply lines spanning across countries, fuelled by the love of God.

Act now to save Christians from genocide.

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