Urgent: Bangladesh pastor’s wife and newborn at risk


“I am earnestly requesting you all to pray with us for Tipu, his wife and new born child.”

Tipu is a pastor and a Muslim convert. His wife and newborn baby are in the hospital and need help.

CFI’s rep in Bangladesh e-mailed this early one morning this week.

Will you pray, and help this Christian family?

“What can I do except praying to Lord Christ, Sir!”

The statement is from one of our co-workers, Tipu in Bangladesh. After saying this he was just crying. I tried to stop him crying, but couldn’t.

Tipu was a student of Madrassa (Islamic theological school) in 2008-2009. He was just about to finish his graduation from the Gouripur Madrassa. He was preached about the Gospel by Rev. Nuru, a pastor of ERPCB. Then he read the New Testaments and shared with his father who was 60 years old. Then both of them accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior Lord and was baptized. Tipu joined with CFI Sunday school programs as a teacher and street evangelist in 2010. Since then has been working as our co-worker in Gouripur area.

He got married to Ratna two year ago. They were praying for a child since married. Ratna is a daughter of converted parents. She was admitted to a hospital on Sep 19, for c-section. She gave birth to a boy. But the child was not in good condition and transferred to ICU section for deep care. And Ratna was also not in good condition. She has been suffering from multiple complications. I have been getting updated every moment about their conditions. We all have been praying for this family. Evangelist Tipu requested us to help him financially to cover some medical expenses. I told Tipu that we were not able to help him financially then, but we were praying and asking God to help.

Tipu spent all his belongings to continue the treatments of his wife and his new born Böy. On Sep 22, he asked the hospital to discharge them. But the doctors denied to discharge the parents as they were in need of continuing treatment. If they would leave the hospital both the child and mother could die on their way home. But Tipu requested the hospital authority to let them go to home as no money was left with him to continue their treatments. Then a very hard moment came before him. His wife Ratna told him that she would go to home and if she would die for the lack of medical care, that would be okay with her and she would be happy. But she requested everyone who were present there to save her new born child. Then she kept crying and begging medical care for her child. Then Tipu became speechless and kept crying.

After a few minutes he called with details about the situation that was going on there. Then he said me over the cell phone, “What can I do except praying to Lord Christ, Sir!”

Please pray for God to heal Ratna and their baby.

Here is how you can help:

  • Pray
  • Write a short note of encouragement for this Christian family and send to PO Box 535, Front Royal, Va 22630, or email [email protected].
  • Donate any amount for their medical care, and to help as urgent needs like this come up.

CFI did not wait – we begged God to intervene, then helped so this Christian mother and baby could get medical care to save their lives.

Your donation helps CFI to respond quickly. This was an unexpected expense, but how could we not act!