Sponsorship Programs

Change a life today

Your sponsorship of a Christian in Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Thailand provides hope, educational aid, and monthly material support. Through direct correspondence, you can share prayers, praises, and establish a life-time relationship.

Christian children in repressive countries like Burma, Egypt, Pakistan, and Bangladesh know the grim reality of fear, persecution, and poverty. Your Child Sponsorship pledge for a child from Pakistan, Egypt, or Bangladesh will:

  • bring spiritual & emotional support through prayer, friendship & correspondence
  • assist with education
  • help improve living conditions & the burden of severe poverty for the whole family
  • provide access to medical treatment and a helping hand in emergency or disaster.

$35 each month

Christian Freedom International works in areas of intense persecution, finding pastors, evangelists, Sunday school teachers, and missionaries already serving the persecuted Church in their own area. We verify their ministries, and then come along-side to aid
and assist with the resources God has provided to us for that purpose. There are many struggling pastors in the desperately oppressed and impoverished countries and refugee camps where CFI operates. Sponsorship pledges help these hard-working men and women with basic needs, ministry support, and provide tremendous spiritual and personal encouragement.

$50 each month

Prayerfully consider becoming a friend to a Pakistani Christian “Urban Refugee” family in Bangkok through a sponsorship of $100 per month. The Thai government views them as illegal immigrants. Thai police have arrested hundreds of Pakistani Christians, including children, even though they have interviews scheduled with the UN Refugee office. They are forced to live in limbo, as “urban refugees,” while they await their asylum hearings.Your sponsorship with a persecuted Christian family will help provide rent, food, medicine, and other necessary items. Your friendship, the knowledge that someone cares, will mean more to them than you could imagine.

$100 each month

CFI is pleased to offer a new choice for providing assistance to our Victory Bible Academy, Bangkok urban school, and other persecuted Christian students.

You can help a student get an education.

You set the amount: as a one-time gift, or an ongoing pledge—either way it will be applied to their education and other expenses at Christian Freedom International schools. If you select this option your gift may be anonymous, or we are very happy to send a picture and information about a particular individual who will be helped.