Just In Time

Victory student worship

Would you pray for our new students? They escaped from Burma just in time.

They arrived early – weeks before classes begin at Victory Bible Academy, our school for persecuted Christians in Thailand. They joined our students who could not go back to Burma during the school break.

For three years our new arrivals have survived the violent military coup in Burma (aka Myanmar). They made it to Victory just before the government began enforcing mandatory military conscription. They faced the imminent threat of being kidnapped by Burma’s military and forced to fight and attack their own people.

You may not hear about this conflict raging next door to Thailand. Yet analysts identify Burma as the most violent among 50 wars tracked globally.

Burma also ranks “very high” for persecution of Christians.

Christian villages have been disproportionately attacked and Christian aid workers and pastors killed by the Buddhist-nationalist ruling junta. Churches are bombed. Pastors who are known for helping others have been jailed or assassinated.

This year, Burma announced it will impose mandatory military service for all men aged 18 to 35 and women 18 to 27.

That is the age of our students. They fled before they could be snatched.

We are grateful to God that they made it to Victory!

Our staff rapidly changed plans. Normally during the school break, staff prepare lessons for the upcoming year. The building and equipment are repaired. Supplies are bought. (Most students arrive with just a few clothes. Some do not have shoes.)

But during this break, Victory is filled with students. They are learning to study the Bible, lead worship songs, training to garden, weave, and cook, and teaching children. And to make t-shirts (you can see their hand-crafted items at Store.ChristianFreedom.org).

We are so proud of our school staff. When the students arrived, our team organized their training and care. They are always there when our students need them.

But honestly, we really need your help. Our students are from desperately poor families. Victory provides all their basic needs, housing, teachers, food, transportation, and more.

Your prayers and gifts keep Victory Bible Academy open. Your monthly support will help with crucial on-going needs and the unexpected.

Will you help persecuted Christians to be trained and discipled to spread the good news of Jesus – and safe from being forced by Burma to attack their own people?

Will you pray with us for:

  • Victory’s students to learn critical skills to faithfully serve God and others.
  • Victory’s staff to be full of wisdom and energy for every challenge and crisis.
  • Victory Bible Academy to be a ‘light on a hill’ through its good work for Christ.

Students arrived early at Victory Bible Academy to escape the threat of being forced to fight in Burma’s military against their own people.

They quickly began training in Biblical leadership.

You can give them hope – for their future and the future of their people – by providing a refuge to learn to serve Christ.

Victory students teach youth

Victory students teach youth during school break

Fact Sheet and Background

Students arrived early to Victory Bible Academy to be trained in Biblical leadership.

They made it just in time, before Burma’s military government began enforcing mandatory military conscription of all men aged 18 to 35 and women aged 18 to 27.

They faced the threat of being forced into Burma’s military to attack their own people.

Teacher at Victory prepares for students.

Victory’s head teacher prepares for new students

Burma’s War

The Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project identifies Burma/Myanmar as the most violent among the 50 wars it tracks globally. At least 50,000 military and civilians have been killed since the 2021 military coup.

The military government’s strategy targets civilian networks in the country. Villages, schools, and hospitals bear the brunt of military violence.

Burma’s military uses civilians as human shields to carry equipment or walk on paths as human minesweepers. Compulsory military conscription would force Christians and others to attack their own people.

Bullet lands near Victory

Burma’s airstrikes shake buildings and bullets land near Victory Bible Academy

Christians in Burma

Burma ranks “very high” for persecution of Christians.

New believers in Christ are persecuted by their Buddhist or tribal families for leaving their faith. “Buddhist only” villages shun and harass Christian families.

Burma’s Buddhist-nationalist government is backed by ultra-nationalist Buddhist monks. They share a belief that Buddhism and ethnic Burmese culture must be defended from outside influences.

Anyone accused of insulting Buddhism can be jailed up to two years under the blasphemy law.

Since the military coup in 2021, Christian villages and churches have been disproportionately attacked and Christian aid workers and pastors killed.

The U.S. State Department designates Burma as a Country of Particular Concern for its systemic violations of religious freedom.

“Often Burmese military air fighters come and bomb our village. We have to live away from our village because it is not secure to live in. So we have to live in the forest.” Victory Bible Academy student

Victory Bible Academy

Christian Freedom International’s school for persecuted Christians from Burma trains young adults to be transformed into faithful leaders with skills to serve others.

“My favorite subject is Life of Christ because I’m learning about God’s story and the word of God. This encourages me for I will do God’s work in the future. Thank you with all my heart.” Victory Bible Academy student

Please pray for Victory Bible Academy’s students to be equipped and to remain faithful.

Victory students build a hut

Building a hut is a life skill learned at Victory.

Victory student teaches youth

Victory student teaches local youth