Christians in Egypt are familiar with discrimination and martyrdom...

Christians in Egypt are familiar with discrimination and martyrdom. They have experienced it for centuries. Many live in Garbage City, a neighborhood in Cairo, where they collect and sort the city’s waste. CFI provides child sponsorships – monthly support for basic needs – for Christians in Garbage City.

The COVID outbreak and lockdown in Egypt caused more hardships, and many Christians lost their work. Christian Freedom International provided care packages for Christian families.


My late husband was a simple worker. There is no breadwinner for me and my children after the death of my husband. I get a little monthly pension (600 EGP) from the government that it is not enough for our living expenses. My children and I thank CFI so much for standing up with us at this hard time and providing us with food package. We appreciate that. And I ask you to pray for us, May God bless you and your great ministry.


My husband can't work because he is disabled (he has a problem in cartilage). I receive some monthly little help from my brothers, but it is not enough for us (food, rent,.....etc). My family and I thank CFI so much for helping us. My children were very happy when we received the food package. We appreciate standing with us and helping us so much. Please keep praying for us. May God bless you.


My husband was working  as a simple worker at a Cafe in Abbassia disctrict of Cairo governorate. But this Cafe has been closed since the beginning of March (after imposing the curfew) because of Corona virus. There is no income for us now as my husband is out of work and he cannot find any other work right now. I thank God so much for answering our prayers and sending us the food package through the ministry of CFI. God is good all the time. He is always faithful. All the Glory be to Him.


We thank the great ministry CFI for providing us with the food package. It really came  at the right time, we were really in a great need. We really thank CFI again for standing with us at this hard time, caring of us and helping us. May God bless all the workers in CFI ministry.”


My husband was working as a Garbage collector (was collecting garbage from Nasr city district). He lost his work last March 2020, and he is out of work right now because the governorate has contracted with a company to collect the garbage from Nasr city district instead of my husband and the other Christian garbage collectors. We have passed hard circumstances since my husband lost his work. There is no other income for us. We spent the saved money we had.


My family and I thank CFI so much for helping us at this hard circumstances and providing us with the food package which contain good different kinds of food. We really were in a great need this help at this time. We thank God for his great love to us, God is faithful. I ask CFI to pray for my husband to find another work to meet our physical needs. Thank you again CFI for helping us, May God richly bless you.