How we equip


The Bible is the best-selling book of all time. It's been translated into hundreds of languages. Yet in oppressive countries the Bible may be banned or restricted, too expensive for impoverished believers, or inaccessible for illiterate or sight-impaired people.

CFI brings Bibles and audio Bibles in different languages to encourage and spread the Word of God in restricted nations like Burma, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Audio Bibles translated in the local language come in small players that are less conspicuous. They are especially appreciated by people unable to read, are blind or lack of education.



“Victory is overwhelmingly ours through Christ” (Romans 8:37) is the motto of CFI’s Victory Bible Academy. Located on the Burma/Thai border, Victory Bible Academy trains indigenous men and women for service as pastors, teachers, and missionaries on the front lines of the persecuted Church in Burma/Myanmar and isolated regions of Southeast Asia. Victory Bible Academy also trains in “tentmaker” vocations for students to provide for themselves and those they serve. The curriculum of the two-year program is designed to increase the students’ knowledge of the Bible and develop skills in places where Christians are persecuted for their faith.

Less than four percent of Burma’s population of 55 million people are Christian. Most are oppressed, ethnic minorities fighting for survival, like those in the Karen and Karenni tribes. More than 140,000 refugees live along the Burma/Thailand border. Victory Bible Academy attracts both Christian refugees and Christians in Burma/Myanmar who travel across the border to be students.

We encourage you to pray for Victory Bible Academy – and to visit. Volunteers, short and long-term, are needed to share their faith, ministry, and vocational skills with the students.

CFI helps persecuted Christian students through educational scholarships toward their tuition, room and board, and other expenses. You set the amount – a one-time gift, or an ongoing pledge – to be applied to their schooling and needs. Scholarships may be anonymous, or sponsors may correspond with their student through CFI. We are happy to send a picture and information on the student who will be helped.

A "hand up, not a hand out” brings self-sufficiency and permanent improvement to the lives of persecuted Christians. Based on 2 Thessalonians 3:8-12, we believe in equipping people to provide for themselves, their families, their churches, and their communities. CFI operates vocational projects at Victory Bible Academy, the CFI Center for Blind and Disabled in Bangladesh, and a micro-enterprise sewing shop in Bangkok.

CFI’s micro-enterprise program empowers Christians with skills and ability to earn an income. CFI’s premier micro-enterprise is the Freedom Fighter hand-made t-shirts which are sewn by Pakistani Christian refugees in Bangkok, and silk-screened and shipped to you by Karen Christians at Victory Bible Academy.