Christians in Bangladesh need your prayers!

bangladesh flood

Approximately 1/3 of Bangladesh, a low-lying delta country, is under water due to seasonal flooding. Millions of homes have been destroyed, people displaced, and services disrupted. Even once the flood recedes, diseases in the aftermath will be deadly and wide-spread.

Christian Freedom International received this report from our co-worker in Dhaka:

“A disastrous flood is causing the untold sufferings to the people of northern Bangladesh. Their houses and cattle are being lost in the flood water. The people are suffering from foods, drinking waters. Many of them are getting sickness from the flood waters. I have been getting repeatedly calls from our coworkers in those areas. Pastors and evangelists have requested us to pray for them.”

Exceptionally heavy rainfall in India and Nepal has resulted in extensive flooding on rivers downstream in Bangladesh. Most of the north-western part of the country has been inundated…nearly six million people have been affected and 93 people have died. More than half a million houses have been washed away or damaged and 450,000 hectares of cultivable land has been flooded, according to a report from Practical Action.

CFI co-workers are already in action to deliver aid packets to Christian families affected by the flooding. We will be working to rebuild, replace and restore as soon as conditions permit.

Please pray for Christians in Bangladesh. As religious outcasts, they will not receive any of the aid pouring into the country—aid that is controlled by the Islamic government.