Egyptian victims of ISIS

egypian victim

After the beheadings and terrorist attacks, after the world turns to the next breaking news, what happens to the families of Christians killed by ISIS?

Many times, they are forgotten.

The problem is not that people don’t care. There are just too many tragedies to keep up. In Egypt, one man remembers. One early morning in September, he left his house to travel to Minya province to visit seven families of the Christians who were killed in the bus attack last May.

Remember that horrific attack? It shocked the world. Dozens of Coptic Christians, including women and children, were traveling by bus and truck to the monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor. They were stopped on the desert road by masked gunmen who fired automatic weapons at the small convoy.

The terrorists pulled their victims out of the vehicles, and demanded the Christians recite the Islamic creed or be shot.

“They refused to give up on their faith, and died Christians,” said a family member.

Now their families live on as Christians.

Christian Freedom International’s (CFI) co-worker headed to the village of the martyrs’ families. He gave spiritual comfort, encouraging and praying with them.

“They thank us for standing with them and ask us to keep praying for them and their children.”

Who are they thanking? Those who remembered them.

As you can guess, CFI’s co-worker must remain anonymous. It’s too dangerous for him to be identified.

In October, CFI president Wendy Wright traveled to Egypt, and with our co-worker, returned to the small village. The pain was still present, but greater than the pain was their faith; faith in their Savior, faith in the Lord’s plan, faith in God’s promise to His children.

Despite other needs, they ask for our prayers – for their children, for their future, for strength, and for solace.