Shelters+ for Persecuted Christians


“Without CFI’s help, our family would not be alive.

Still now our lives are at high risk.”

Christians inside a Christian Freedom International shelter

If a mob came for you . . .

If government officials said your faith is a crime . . .

Where could you escape?

What would happen to your children?

Who would you trust to help you?

Aminah saw the crowd growing around her house. Her husband had left Islam and become a Christian. A jihadist accused him of blasphemy on Facebook. The post went viral, and her husband was arrested.

Suddenly, their neighbors turned into mob.

Aminah also believes in Jesus. She held her two small boys and called a pastor for help.

The pastor is part of Christian Freedom International’s network. He quickly rescued Aminah and her kids and brought them to our shelter in another province.

For the next ten months the family lived in our shelter while we worked with lawyers to release her husband from jail. Aminah knew they could not return to their village. So we enrolled the kids in a school near the shelter and trained Aminah for a job.

One child needs medicine for his disability. They need bus fare and incidentals. Because some churches fear extremists will target them, the family needs a Christian community willing to accept converts from Islam.

More Than Housing

When Christians escape from persecution, or their homes are unsafe from attacks, housing is critical. But a roof and walls are just the beginning.

Our safe houses are “shelters plus”.

With your support, we provide for immediate needs, like transportation to the shelter, and daily needs like food. Medical aid for injuries and compassion for their pain.

Then our co-workers help to sort out their situations and plan for their next steps. Sometimes this includes negotiating with authorities to allow the Christians to safely return home. In most cases, it is arranging to relocate them to a new area.

The shelters can be rented apartments or small houses. They can be places where the Christians will blend in, like hostels. These allow Christians to be secure and anonymous.

Will you pray for our co-workers to be guided by God in all they do? And pray for strength for Christians to prepare for their future while in our shelters?

Our “shelters plus” provide much more than a hiding place for persecuted Christians.

A co-worker who operates several Christian Freedom International shelters wrote:

“Because of the shelter, living support and the food you have provided to us, many were able to reach freedom and many of them are singing God’s praises.

The shelter you have provided was a demonstration of God’s love because most of the ones coming to the shelter previously thought that they are abandoned people whom even a greater Being has avoided.”

Your gifts will help Christians like Aminah and her family with “shelters plus” extra care with God’s love.

Shelters+ for Persecuted Christians

Look through the trees on the picture above and you can see a small house. This is a shelter for persecuted Christians.

Christian Freedom International built it in a country that ranks high for persecution.

With your support, Christian Freedom International provides shelters+ (plus) for persecuted Christians.

These safe houses are crucial for Christians to hide when escaping persecution or to be protected from attacks. They can include:

Places to Hide

Rented apartments.

Houses in remote areas.

Hostels or dorms.

Supplies to Survive

Food and kitchen ware.

Hygiene supplies.

Bibles and Biblical support.

Medical care and legal aid.

Care to Thrive

Classes to prepare for a job. School fees for children.

Counseling for emotional and spiritual care.

Coordinating plans for their next steps.

This lady is taking classes for Christian leadership while at our shelter.

Kitchen supplies in shelter.

Kitchen supplies in a shelter may need to be replaced when a shelter hastily relocates.

“Because of the shelter, living support and the food you have provided to us,

many were able to reach freedom and many of them are singing God’s praises.”

 Christian Freedom International co-worker who operates shelters

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