Prayer Alerts

Hong Kong Christians Coming Under China’s Thumb

June 22, 2020

For decades Hong Kong has held a unique relationship with China. The city of Hong Kong is part of the country of China but it holds its own system of government that is independent of the Chinese Communist regime. As a result, Christianity has thrived in Hong Kong where there are more religious liberties than…

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Burma Destroys, Kills, Burns During Pandemic

June 6, 2020

Pictured: CFI Victory graduate helping Christians in Mon state (Burma) during COVID-19 pandemic While the world is focused on the pandemic, Burma’s army attacked villages, destroyed churches, burned COVID-19 screening clinics and killed a villager. Despite ceasefire agreements, Burma continues attacks in Karen State. The Karen Christian people have suffered for decades in Burma’s hostilities…

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Prayer Requests from Egypt

May 6, 2020

Christians in Egypt stand in particular need of our prayers, having endured physical attacks from Islamic extremists within the past five months. Your prayers call upon a God who is mightier than any ‘powers or principalities’ in Egypt. Nashaat Sulaiman Khalil (59 years old) was attacked by an Islamic extremist and was hospitalized with severe…

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