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Burma’s Shoot-on-Sight, and Pakistanis Arrested

December 27, 2019

While we celebrated Christmas, these reports came in: Burma/Myanmar Burma’s military announced they will shoot on sight anyone seen bringing food or supplies to people living in certain Karen State areas. They also imposed a curfew at 6:00 p.m. banning travel between certain villages. Christian Freedom International’s Bible school just finished mission trips to spread…

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Iran’s Christmas Tradition: Arresting Evangelicals

December 20, 2019

Iran’s regime started arresting Evangelicals last week, Dabrina Bet-Tamraz told Al Arabiya. “Christmas celebrations make it easier for Iranian authorities to arrest a group of Christians at one time,” Tamraz said. She escaped Iran nine years ago, after her family was arrested for their Christian beliefs and she witnessed the arrest, torture and murder of…

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The Threat to Hong Kong Christians

November 22, 2019

Time magazine saw it coming. Before millions of protesters took to Hong Kong’s streets, Time noted the coming storm – and the threat to Christians. In 2018 it reported on “Guerrillas for God: How Hong Kong’s Pastors are Delivering the Message to China’s Christians.” Hong Kong is a launching pad for evangelizing and equipping the…

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