Prayer Alerts

India: Christians Arrested, Attacked

August 10, 2023

Arrested: Pastors and believers in Uttar Pradesh, India, are being jailed, including mothers with their babies, reports the Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin. Since an anti-conversion law was passed in December 2020 up to May 2023, “234 people have been arrested and jailed under the statute, none convicted,” reported Morning Star News. Hindutva activists register false…

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Belarus: Evangelical Church Seized by Government

July 3, 2023

Update: July 3, 2023 On June 20, Minsk’s New Life Pentecostal Church was bulldozed. The decision to bulldoze the building came from Capital Construction Management Company, which is owned by Minsk City Executive Committee. “God sees everything,” Pastor Vyacheslav Goncharenko said, “and he sees today our suffering, our grief, our pain. He sees likewise today…

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CFI gets food to Christians who scattered after church bombing.

Burma: Church Bombed, Christians Scatter, CFI Sends Aid

June 12, 2023

When the Burmese military dropped a 500-pound bomb directly on a church in Mae Ka Nae in Karen State, the church caught on fire and was completely destroyed. Soldiers then burned down 12 houses. The pastor of the church said his home is now in an active war zone and he cannot return. Burma’s military…

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