Prayer Alerts

Iran Arrests 9 More Christians After Christmas

January 4, 2019

Iran arrested 9 Christians after Christmas, accusing them of working with foreign agents to spread “corrupt Christian beliefs and ideas.” This follows a “staggering” number of arrests of Christians before Christmas. About 150 Christians were arrested as a “warning” against evangelizing during the Christmas season, a time that causes many Iranians to be attracted to…

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Pray for Syrian Christian Converts

December 28, 2018

Please pray for the persecuted Church, the remnant of believers in Syria who are in immediate and significant danger from jihadi elements present in Turkish forces advancing in Syria. Specifically pray for Christian converts in the area of Kobane. Conversion is forbidden by Islam, and these Kurdish converts will be both isolated and exposed by…

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Iran: “Staggering” Number of Christians Arrested Before Christmas

December 21, 2018

Iranian intelligence agents raided a Christian family’s home and arrested the parents, leaving behind their 7-year old daughter. They are the latest in a sweep of nearly 150 Christians arrested over the last month. The mass arrests in the lead-up to Christmas is the government’s attempt to “warn” Christians against evangelizing over Christmas, a religious…

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Pakistan Sentences Two Christian Brothers to Death

December 18, 2018

Two Christian brothers, accused of blasphemy after a mistaken identity, were sentenced to death last week by a Pakistan court. World Watch Monitor reports that Qaisar and Amoon Ayub were arrested for allegedly posting “disrespectful material” on their website. Qaisar said he closed the account in 2009 but a Muslim acquaintance brought it back online while…

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Chinese Police Raid Church, Arrest Leaders

December 12, 2018

Chinese officials swept up the outspoken pastor of a prominent house church in Chengdu along with elders, members, seminary students and parents of students in a crack-down on Sunday night, December 9, 2018. Several government departments scoured the city to locate the Christians in their homes and workplaces. “Police have broken down doors, swarmed apartment…

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Pray for Christians in Egypt

November 30, 2018

CFI received this report from our co-worker in Egypt: On Sunday evening, 25 November, a Coptic Christian minor girl named Mary Hanna, from the village of Salamoun, Tema, disappeared. Mary had gone to Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox church in Salamoun village at 6:00 pm to attend the church prayer meeting. After the prayer meeting at…

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Thai/Myanmar Quandary for Christian Minorities

November 20, 2018

Ethnic minorities from Burma/Myanmar, many who are Christian, face a quandary. Whether displaced in Myanmar or in refugee camps in Thailand, they cannot stay, and they cannot go. Over 250,000 have been forced out of their villages by Burma’s Army which, for decades, used the same kind of tactics they used on the Rohingya. Over…

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Egyptian Christians Attacked Again on Monastery Road

November 8, 2018

Two buses of Coptic Christians were gunned down on Nov 2 as they drove to the Monastery of Saint Samuel – the same road where 28 Christians were killed by ISIS gunmen a year ago. Seven Christians were killed – six in the same family – and at least 14 more were injured. Egyptian officials…

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A Persecuted Pastor’s Plea

October 30, 2018

“Please advocate for us,” the pastor said. He lives in an especially oppressive region. The government’s harsh treatment of Christians is notorious. It is even worse toward Christian ethnic minorities. Their every word and action is monitored. The pastor heard that Christian Freedom International provides aid and advocacy for persecuted Christians. “How can we advocate…

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Please Pray for Christians in North Korea

October 26, 2018

North Korea is a country controlled by one man, the dictator Kim, Jong-un. Under the rule of Kim Jong-un, his father and his grandfather before that, millions of North Korean men, women, and children have perished through starvation, execution, during imprisonment, and in forced-labor camps. Human rights in North Korea are virtually non-existent. The government…

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