Prayer Alerts

Iraqi Christians Under New Threat

August 12, 2019

Christians in Bartella, a predominantly Christian town in the Nineveh Plains, east of Mosul, face growing threats from ethnic militias. Christian Freedom International provided aid to Bartella as hopeful Christians were returning in 2018. Middle East Concern reports: Bartella was among the towns from which thousands of Christians were forced to flee in August 2014…

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More Raids by Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria, After Christian Delegation to Washington Pleas to Halt ‘Genocide’

July 24, 2019

Worthy News reports: More than 200 homes were destroyed and 13 Christians killed in Muslim Herdsmen attacks in Nigeria Monday, where the Nigerian government continues to be silent and inactive in addressing the raids.   Ungwan Rimi Kamuru village, Kikoba village, Kangbro village, Nakai Danwai, and two villages in Plateau state all suffered incursions by…

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Pastor Imprisoned in India

July 17, 2019

Please pray for a pastor who has been falsely imprisoned in West Bengal, India. CFI was notified that this pastor, a missionary, was sentenced during a ‘trial’ in which there was not even a police report filed. His bail has been denied. Please pray: • That his false accuser will repent and confess the truth…

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