Prayer Alerts

Christian Couple in Somaliland Arrested for “Apostacy”

October 26, 2020

UPDATE (11/13/20) – Middle East Concern reports: Muna and Awale were deported by order of the Somaliland Court on Nov 1. The Somali converts from Islam to Christianity traveled with their infant to Somalia then onto a safe country to be reunited with their two oldest sons. According to their lawyer, this decision came after…

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Prayer alert: Pakistan’s Disappearing Girls

October 21, 2020

Pakistan’s culture of injustice was exposed when Asia Bibi, an impoverished Christian mother, was convicted of ‘blasphemy’ and sentenced to death by hanging. Asia’s crime? Muslim villagers were offended when she – a despised “untouchable” Christian – touched a cup when she brought them water. They accused her of blasphemy, a crime punishable by death…

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China’s War on Children’s Faith

October 15, 2020

China is punishing children for believing in God and belonging to religious groups – even banning children from entering a church – to force them into a “correct” worldview. “President Xi Jinping and his Chinese Communist Party have really started a war against children’s faith,” said Bob Fu of ChinaAid. “For the first time since…

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