Prayer Alerts

Pastor Murdered for His Faith in Laos

November 29, 2022

A pastor who had converted from animism and resisted pressure from villagers and authorities to deny Christ was murdered in October. His Bible was found near his body. Christian leaders and police in central Laos believe Pastor Seetoud was killed for spreading the gospel during rapid church expansion in the nation. The pastor planned to…

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Not Free to Believe; Where Converting is Criminal

April 4, 2022

Where Becoming A Christian Equals Criminal In some countries, choosing to leave a religion to become a Christian can land you in jail. At least 22 countries criminalize apostasy, or leaving a religion. Additional countries punish evangelizing and proselytizing. In March, these laws came under scrutiny at a panel held during the UN Human Rights…

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Pray for Ukrainian Christians

February 25, 2022

As Russia invades Ukraine, Christians are praying for peace and preparing for persecution that may come. Christians in Ukraine gathered each night leading up to Russia’s attack and prayed near St. Andrew’s Hill, where according to tradition, the Apostle Andrew first brought the gospel to the region. Over 500 Evangelicals were elected to all levels…

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