Christmas gifts and terrorist attacks in Pakistan

christmas gifts in pakistan

This Christmas, the stark reality of life as a Christian was displayed in Pakistan.

In Quetta, Islamic terrorists attacked a church during a packed pre-Christmas service where a children’s Christmas play was scheduled. At least 11 people were killed and 50 injured.

In Lahore, Christians gave colorful clothes and toys to brighten Christmas for children of families enslaved in brickyards.

Christians loving others, even as they are persecuted.

The Islamic terrorists came to the church with “ample ammunition supply and were aiming to take worshippers hostage and kill them one by one, prolonging the scene of terror as much as they could,” Samson Simon Sharaf, a security analyst, told World Watch Monitor.

The Christians came to the brickyards with loads of warm clothes, sports equipment, games and hair jewelry for girls. They were handed out one by one so each could enjoy the joy of receiving and watching others get gifts.

The terrorists ignited prayers “that God would protect each one of us,” said one Christian.

The Christians sparked praise to God “for bringing joy and cheers to these kids!”

The terrorists were supported by ISIS, the Islamic state, which claimed responsibility for the violent attack.

The Christians were supplied by Christian Freedom International (CFI), who provides care throughout the year. CFI helps Christian families, enslaved by never-ending debt to work in brickyards, with food, school supplies, and other needs.

This Christmas – and throughout the year – we can join Christians who bring the light of life and hope to those surrounded by death and darkness in countries like Pakistan.