Christmas Celebrations for Persecuted Christians


This year Christians have suffered horribly at the hands of extremists, even at Christmas. Yet they persevere and thank God for His greatest Gift.

On Christmas Eve, Islamic militants in Nigeria killed nine Christians, destroyed a church, looted food and burned homes.

Yet one Christian survivor said, despite the jihadists’ attacks,

“We shall still celebrate Christmas. Jesus, we’re so grateful this day even with the bad experience we had last night.”

“We have nothing to offer as our thanksgiving, but we offer our hearts in deep supplication to your majesty on this Christmas Day.”

This year has been harsh for many Christians in hostile countries. But the good news that we celebrate at Christmas is real and true – that God came to us so that we can be in His kingdom.

Each year Christian Freedom International throws Christmas celebrations for persecuted Christians. These gatherings re-tell the glorious story of Jesus’ birth and shower our guests with gifts and food.

You can see below pictures from this Christmas!

Your prayers and support helped persecuted Christians to celebrate Christmas and rejoice in God’s greatest gift.

For some Christians – it is their very first Christmas! This year, many people came to know and believe in Jesus Christ through the testimony of persecuted Christians. They believe – even though it may lead to greater hardships for being a Christian in a hostile land.

Christian Freedom International helps persecuted Christians throughout the year – with practical and spiritual support – to survive and thrive.

Your prayers and support will help them to endure in the coming year.

Will you help our brothers and sisters in Christ to survive and thrive in the coming year?

Before 2020 ends, would you consider a gift to help persecuted Christians through Christian Freedom International?

(Remember, before 2020 ends, you can take advantage of special tax incentives for your charitable donation. Learn more here.)

God bless you!

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