Prayer for Afghan Christians

Pray for the Persecuted Afghanis

1Cor.12:26; Heb.13:3


Pray for secret Believers

Hid in Afghanistan

That God will protect them

From the violent Taliban.


Pray Taliban leaders

Uphold human life

May they seek God’s love

Amidst hatred and strife.


And pray for those helping

All Afghan refugees

To share God’s grace, and love

With all those that flee.


Yes, pray for Believers

On Taliban lists

That they be ignored

Do protect from conflicts.


Pray for Christian women

Live without education

Nor equal treatment

Under male domination.


Pray for Afghan refugees

Forced to flee

That they meet the Savior

Heal their trauma, set free.


And for Afghani Believers

May unsaved, come to know

Transformed by Christ Jesus

In their Land, many grow.


Yes LORD, midst oppression

May Your people shine bright

That multitudes of Afghans

Turn from darkness, to light.


Jonathan Miller, January 19, 2022