Global Day of Prayer for Burma


Christians in Burma need our prayers.

This Sunday is the Global Day of Prayer for Burma – and it comes right as Christians in Burma are courageously standing against a military coup.

Burma was on a tentative path away from decades of brutal rule by a military junta that persecuted Christian ethnic minorities. But it reversed course on Feb. 1 when its military leaders arrested the elected leaders and seized control.

Since then Christians and pastors have taken to the streets along with thousands of protesters against the military take-over of the government.

Military and security forces are firing on peaceful demonstrators in cities – and on ethnic minorities in villages. Thousands have fled villages to hide in the jungles.

This week saw an escalation of violence – illustrated by the act of one small Catholic nun in Kachin state. She knelt and pled with outstretched arms before armed police “not to shoot and torture the children, but to shoot me and kill me instead.” The police fired into the crowd behind her, killing two.

Some police have refused orders to shoot unarmed protesters and joined the protesters or fled to neighboring India. Others – snipers – reportedly target women and children to break people’s morale. Protesters are arrested, beaten, raped, and killed.

Police raided a Kachin Baptist church, beating and arresting bystanders and four ministers. They crashed through the front gate with a police car in pursuit of protesters who sought sanctuary after police used tear gas to break up a crowd.

Yet peaceful protests continue to flood across the country. Local pastors and Christians prominently offer prayer for protesters and their oppressors.

Christians – including CFI’s Victory Bible Academy – are organizing relief and ministry efforts to those trapped in villages and jungles – and in cities where banking and transportation services have been shut-down.

Victory’s students held a 24-hour prayer vigil to launch their efforts.

On this Sunday – the Global Day of Prayer for Burma – please pray for:

  • Christians to represent God courageously.
  • Burma’s leaders – at every level – to do justice, love mercy, and act humbly.
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation to spread in Burma.


Photo Credit: Christians’ Prayer Rally in Burma (Facebook: Tual Hau Khup)
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