Urgent prayer request for a CFI coworker

insult islam

A Christian Freedom International coworker is in need of urgent prayer. To protect this individual, the name and country cannot be revealed.

A CFI coworker in an overwhelmingly Muslim majority nation is facing serious charges because of a post attributed to this individual on social media. The coworker has deleted all social media accounts and has gone into hiding for the time being.

Punishment for anyone accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad is death in many Muslim nations.

We believe in the power of prayer, we are calling upon friends and supporters of CFI to please pray for God to protect our coworker.

Most CFI coworkers are indigenous Christian pastors, teachers, and leaders living in countries where Christians face severe persecution for their faith. CFI coworkers take great personal risks to administer CFI programs, distribute aid, Bibles, medicine, and minister to the needs of the persecuted in their country. Most CFI coworkers must remain anonymous for security reasons.

Please pray for a wall of protection around our coworker.  We are praying for God to deliver this person from evil.

In recent months, many Muslim majority nations have clamped down on social media accounts and have hacked into personal email files and smartphones. Security is always an ongoing concern for CFI personnel, but has become more challenging as social media providers increasingly share secure information with foreign governments in exchange for doing business in the country. Censorship has always been tight in many countries but it is on the increase as social media companies make trade-offs in order to do business in these places.

CFI is a unique family of believers and we call upon our brothers and sisters in the Free World to pray for our threatened coworker in the Muslim World.