Burma Destroys, Kills, Burns During Pandemic


Pictured: CFI Victory graduate helping Christians in Mon state (Burma) during COVID-19 pandemic

While the world is focused on the pandemic, Burma’s army attacked villages, destroyed churches, burned COVID-19 screening clinics and killed a villager.

Despite ceasefire agreements, Burma continues attacks in Karen State. The Karen Christian people have suffered for decades in Burma’s hostilities against minorities in the country.

CFI workers and Free Burma Rangers report:

  • Burma’s army burned four COVID-19 screening centers.
  • Shelled several villages and drove out thousands of people.
  • Destroyed churches in villages that people fled.
  • Killed a villager who tried to cross a road, shot at anyone who tried to retrieve his body, then burned the body.

Burma’s borders are closed and the internet is often blocked. But CFI’s Victory Bible Academy students are getting food supplies to vulnerable families.

Please pray that:

  1. Burma’s military stops attacking Karen and other minorities who are already suffering from lack of work, food, and outside communication.
  2. Victory Bible Academy is able to begin the new school year in late July. Students are Christian refugees from Burma and a Thai refugee camp. Thailand is restricting travel due to the pandemic, and many people in Burma are sick.
  3. Karen and other ethnic minority leaders unite and are able to bring peace in Burma.