Reaching Persecuted Christians During Shut-downs


Pictured: Pakistani Christian refugee families are given food and supplies during the shut-down.


“We, blinds are in great pain in this world-wide epidemic. We know that there is more epidemic in your country than ours. We are praying for you. Thank you, brothers and sisters in Christ in America.”


Dear Friend of the Persecuted Church,

Where were you during the global pandemic of 2020?

Just like 9/11, one day we will look back on the corona virus pandemic and tell others what we did during this pivotal time in history.

For persecuted Christians who were already barely surviving, this crisis is hitting extra hard. Many live day-to-day, as day laborers or with tiny shops or as street beggars, or are converts to Christ who are shunned by their communities. Now they are unable to work due to lock-downs.

Despite travel bans, Christian Freedom International (CFI) is able to reach around the globe and into isolated communities to get aid to persecuted Christians.

Globalization – which created the means to spread the virus – also opened windows for us to reach our brothers and sisters who desperately need help. We are using modern online methods and old-fashioned ‘going where others cannot go’ to deliver aid and pray face to face (well, masked face to masked face).

Brickyards in Pakistan are shut-down and the owners threaten to alert police to arrest anyone who leaves. Christians who are in debt bondage to the brickyards were trapped inside. Our co-workers – whose city is also locked-down – worked out an arrangement to swiftly distribute two months of food in one hour to Christian families.

Before Thailand shut down, CFI co-workers hurried to create food packages for Christian asylum-seekers in Bangkok as markets closed and essential items disappeared from shelves. During the shut-down, classes are continuing at our school with home-bound students getting lessons by text.

In Egypt, Christian children in crowded Garbage City, Cairo, get special packages with soap, antiseptics, medicines, and more. This is in addition to monthly food and essentials from their CFI sponsors.

CFI’s Victory Bible Academy near Burma became a staging ground for preparing ‘corona virus care packages’. Teachers and students put their training into action. They trekked to remote villages to hand out rice, sanitizers, masks, water filters, along with messages of how to stay safe and the good news of Jesus Christ.

Abrah, a convert to Christ in Bangladesh, said:

“First of all, thank God.

The world is currently infected with the Coronavirus pandemic. We are blind, live hand to mouth. That is why we can’t stay in the house, nor we can go outside.

Because the plague is out of the house, if we go out we will be infected; it is dangerous for us to not stay home.

If we don’t get out, the empty stomach declares war with us.

So, we are begging helps from brothers and sisters in Christ in the US. If you can help and support us, we will be very grateful to you. That is why we requested help and assistance from Christian Freedom International. CFI has granted our application and helped us. Thank you very much for this.

We thank you especially for helping us though there are more dangers in your country and you are more in danger than we are in this epidemic. Still, you are standing by us, so thank you very much.

As the gift of the widow in the Holy Gospel was as great to God (Mark 12:41-44,Luke 21:1-4) as your helps are great to God. Finally, thank you brothers and sisters in Christ, and we thank Christian Freedom International. Amen.

Will you pray that with each hardship from the corona virus pandemic, we will also see – with spiritual 20/20 vision – testimonies of God’s faithfulness?

These will be the stories you and I can tell about how we helped the persecuted Church during the global pandemic of 2020.

God bless you,

Wendy Wright


P.S. During this global pandemic, will you pray for persecuted Christians and Christian Freedom International’s teams – for God to act in miraculous ways? Thank you for playing a part during this crisis.


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and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

(Matthew 5:16)