Christian Refugees Help Monsoon Victims

“Myanmar: Monsoon rains there led to a landslide, killing at least 51 people and reportedly leaving dozens more missing. It’s believed to be the deadliest natural disaster to hit the country’s southeast in decades.” 
World Magazine


Across the border in Thailand, refugee students at Christian Freedom International’s school swung into action. A village in Karen state – an area that many Christians had fled from Myanmar’s brutal military – had called for help.

Here are their daily reports from last weekend:

  1. Monsoons in Myanmar flood towns and cause landslides. At least 51 dead, and 105,000 displaced. Possibly the deadliest natural disaster in the region in decades.

Refugee students at Christian Freedom International’s Victory Bible Academy quickly mobilize to help.

2. CFI team left early morning for Myanmar.  Each member chosen for specific talents. A Victory grad with experience in flood relief and construction joined.

Village elder said water has risen forcing evacuation of 90 homes. Primary school abandoned and the students all moved to the community centre.

3. CFI team went as far as they could by truck. Transferred to boats.  Once in the village they found 90 families without access to food and water.

Today the goal was to bring joy to the children through games, and songs while others transport supplies with fellow Christians from Thailand.

Complication: Burmese military stops resupply team. After debate on who the supplies were for, one CFI team member sent back to Thailand. He didn’t have proper paperwork.  Thankfully military allows CFI team to continue on.

4. Rain stops.

The reprieve allows CFI team an opportunity to inspect the village. Damages are extensive. Within a few hours the waters recede enough for some families to return to their homes.

In early morning, CFI team will reconnect with ARK Initiative to begin food and water distribution.

Once completed CFI team will begin classes with village children while others assist villagers with repairing their homes.

Pray the rain stays manageable, that the repairs aren’t as extensive as they appear, that the supplies are enough to bridge the gap and that the children see this as an adventure instead of destruction.

5. Today CFI team woke to beautiful sunrise and far lower water. They prayed, worshipped and gave thanks.

After prayer, some visited the village children while others helped distribute supplies and clean the primary school.

The kids were thrilled to be doing something fun instead of trembling, cold, wet, hungry and fearful.

Later, CFI team goes door to door to pray with families. Most are Buddhist but accept the prayers and sincerely thank the team for coming.

By nightfall the water was lower.

The villagers prayers were answered through a group of Christians…. Praise God.

6. CFI team returns to Victory Bible Academy.  Tired, sore and filled with stories.

Last week the village elders left their flooded area and got to a main road only to see truck after truck drive by with workers and supplies bound for other villages. No matter what they said no one would help them.  The supplies were instead directed to areas that openly support the current government.

Thank God a Victory student came from the village and knew what was happening.

God is so good.  With the help of the ARK Initiative, CFI’s Victory Bible Academy was able to assist where others wouldn’t.

The team thanks CFI donors who made it possible to help these children and their families.

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CFI Team’s Action Plan:

  • Teach where and when required so that teachers, staff and effected families can secure there own homes
  • Repair and create sandbag walls and dams in order to limit damages to school and personal property
  • Feed and get clean water for the children at school (we have a water filtration system we will leave in place)
  • Recover school materials, books, furniture and other equipment from the flooded school
  • Create indoor drying stations for clothing and blankets
  • Help children and their families get to higher ground
  • Ensure electricity and gas is turned off in all areas
  • Recover vehicles, outdoor equipment, garbage, chemical, and poisons by moving them to higher locations
  • Move livestock to higher ground where possible
  • Provide an “escape” for children and their families with games and worship