Hong Kong Christians Coming Under China’s Thumb


For decades Hong Kong has held a unique relationship with China. The city of Hong Kong is part of the country of China but it holds its own system of government that is independent of the Chinese Communist regime.

As a result, Christianity has thrived in Hong Kong where there are more religious liberties than in any other part of the country.

Christians in Hong Kong have not taken their religious freedom for granted.

They are keenly aware of the difficulties that their fellow Christians are suffering in the mainland, such as bans on children attending church, on selling Bibles online, penalties for preaching or acting against any of the regime’s ‘dogma’, churches destroyed and pastors imprisoned.

Hong Kong Christians have reached out to help in various ways like:

  • Smuggling Bibles and Christian literature into the mainland
  • Providing distance Bible education, and training in ministry for mainland pastors and Christians
  • Helping to start ‘house churches’ in the mainland that avoid government surveillance and pressure

All of this is now changing as China’s Communist government cracks down on Hong Kong, attempting to undermine the city’s government and bring it under Communist control.

Recently China started imposing on Hong Kong “national security measures” that will make any opposition to Beijing illegal.

Christians in Hong Kong are struggling with the threat of losing their freedom to practice and preach the Gospel of Christ. Christians in the mainland will also suffer the repercussions as Hong Kong Christians scale back their activities in China out of concern for their brethren appearing to have any connection to foreign “anti-China” people or groups.

Please join Christian Freedom International in praying for:

  • God’s protection and preservation of the religious liberties of Christians in Hong Kong.
  • Guidance and clarity for church leaders in Hong Kong who are struggling to decide the path forward.
  • All Christians in China and Hong Kong to grow stronger in practicing and sharing their faith despite political pressure and persecution.