Christian Refugees Get A New School for Christmas!


Christian refugee children in Bangkok are getting a new school this Christmas!

It’s been a tough year for Pakistani Christians. A crack-down in Thailand forced Christian refugees who fled there to scatter in fear.

It was too risky for the refugee kids to go to CFI’s school. So the teachers went to them, finding students in their hiding places to keep up on their lessons.

Since the school meeting place was no longer secure the director found a new location. It needed work. Lots of it.

Toilets and faucets were broken. Water stains on walls. Rats and cockroaches. Water pump burned out. Few lights.

So teachers, students, parents and friends all pitched in.

The director told us:

“I gathered the students, bought the materials: paint, lights, toilet cleaners and detergents, trash bins & bags. Invited some adult men, gave them all a pep-talk that it is a privilege for us that we get the honor to build this school piece by piece – just like how it should be. Because we cannot leave the future of our children and nation in the hands of others and we begin today by taking charge and by renovating this building for our kids.”

“None of the Pakistani people who would come to work asked for any money, but only for food and tea. Both the children and adults happily worked for long hours.”

After cleaning and repairs, the classes began again. Math, English, science, literature, business. Bible and character virtues, exercise and nutrition round-out their education.

They worked hard to get their new school ready before Christmas! 

All together, the cleaning supplies (paint, detergent, buckets, scrapers, lights, trash bags) and repairs (including caulk to fill holes in the building to prevent rats and snakes) cost over $530.

A plumber (you wouldn’t want an amateur working on your plumbing, right?) cost $50. He reduced his rate – and asked if his kids could attend the school!

These families fled threats and violence in Pakistan to seek asylum in Bangkok. But Thailand is a way-station – they cannot settle there.

While they seek a safe country, the children can miss out on years of schooling.

Because they face fierce discrimination, they know their future has more promise with an education. And the children enjoy it! Games, exercise and friendly competition forge friendships and teamwork.

Would you like to help keep the school running?


Here are examples of some of the monthly expenses for over 30 students:

  • School supplies(copies printed from online curriculum and schoolbooks brought from Pakistan): $50
  • Transportation to school: $100
  • Rent and utilities: $310
  • Drinking water: $30
  • First aid and medical emergencies: $50


CFI’s school provides a quality Christian education that prepares refugee children for any place they will move.

Can you help this Christmas?

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Thank you for remembering the least of these.

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