Providing Shelter for Christians Fleeing Persecution


On Easter Sunday – just hours after the horrifying massacre of Christians in Sri Lanka – our co-worker in a dangerous country sent a message to me (via an encrypted method).

“When Islamists bombed and killed hundreds of Christians while they were Easter praying, a young Muslim was learning about Christ and Easter from a CFI worker in the [CFI shelter].

“This young Muslim has been contacting [a CFI team leader] for weeks, an ethnic pastor in [a rural area]. He has lost all his faith and honor in Islam because of seeing the brutality, and inhumane acts of Islam in this world.

“He is seeking a better God to serve. Please pray for him. He is staying in [CFI’s shelter] now.”

Shelter in need of furniture
and supplies

The young man came to Christian Freedom International’s shelter because of a very real threat. Christian converts in this country can be beaten, ostracized, even killed by radicals – including their own families.

In another country – North Korea, the most dangerous country in the world for Christians – believers are sent to prison camps or executed for praying, singing hymns, or reading the Bible. People who escape from North Korea need places to hide out and recover from injuries like frostbite and malnutrition. Some have massive wounds, infected by poisons put on the barbed wire fences on North Korea’s borders to keep people trapped in the isolated country.

A refugee whose leg was
infected from escaping North Korea through fences

North Korean border fence
spiked with poison to
keep their people inside

Inside our shelters are food, beds, medicines, Bibles and Christian materials. Refugees can hide from officials who capture and forcibly send them back to North Korea – where they will be sentenced to a prison camp or executed.

They can stay days, weeks, or months in the shelter as they recover – physically and spiritually – for the next phase of their risky journey to a safe country.

In Thailand, when Christian students cannot return to their villages because Burma’s military is destroying their crops and homes and killing people, Christian Freedom International’s schools become shelters for them. Or for Christian refugees fleeing persecution in Pakistan.

David knew first-hand about shelters. When he was persecuted and pursued by Saul, he needed places to hide – and through that discovered the character of God:

“You hide them in the secret place of Your presence from the conspiracies of man; You keep them secretly in a shelter from the strife of tongues.” Psalm 31:20

Would you pray for Christians who are being tracked down by enemies of Christ trying to crush them for their faith?

Can you help by donating to Christian Freedom International for shelters?

Your gifts will also help stock our shelters with food, medicines, Bibles, furniture, security cameras and other essential items.

In Christ,
Wendy Wright

P.S. All but one of Christian Freedom International’s shelters are rented. We can move quickly if the needs change or they get compromised. In one case, extremists discovered the location and sliced a young Christian’s neck. Thank God – he escaped and survived.

Would you pray and give for shelters and supplies for persecuted Christians?


Bibles and Christian
materials for shelter