Prayer Alerts

Egypt’s Silent Epidemic of Kidnapped Christian Girls

January 11, 2019

“An ongoing nightmare in Egypt has gone virtually unnoticed for years. Victims fall silent. Authorities turn a blind eye and religiously-motivated kidnappings are extremely difficult to document,” Lela Gilbert wrote. “But the truth is that Christian women in Egypt face an epidemic of kidnapping, rape, beatings and torture. Innumerable girls and women vanish forever, and even…

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Iran Arrests 9 More Christians After Christmas

January 4, 2019

Iran arrested 9 Christians after Christmas, accusing them of working with foreign agents to spread “corrupt Christian beliefs and ideas.” This follows a “staggering” number of arrests of Christians before Christmas. About 150 Christians were arrested as a “warning” against evangelizing during the Christmas season, a time that causes many Iranians to be attracted to…

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Pray for Syrian Christian Converts

December 28, 2018

Please pray for the persecuted Church, the remnant of believers in Syria who are in immediate and significant danger from jihadi elements present in Turkish forces advancing in Syria. Specifically pray for Christian converts in the area of Kobane. Conversion is forbidden by Islam, and these Kurdish converts will be both isolated and exposed by…

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