Video: Smuggling Aid into North Korea


A new video shows North Korean defectors using a creative way to get aid into the dictatorship.

North Koreans are in crisis.

Just days before President Trump met with Kim Jong Un, North Korea announced that it is facing a food crisis.

Daily rations have been cut to 10.5 ounces of food per person each day. 41 percent of North Koreans are undernourished.

North Korea is also in a spiritual crisis. The regime – a personality cult centered on Kim Jong Un – works hard to eliminate any avenue for spreading Christianity.

The same week that North Korea admitted their people are starving, a group of Christians smuggled rice and Bibles into the isolated country – using a channel created by God.

Psalm 8:8 says God created “paths of the seas.” At precise and predictable times, a stream of water can carry objects from an island in South Korea to the shores of North Korea.

This video shows defectors from North Korea preparing and launching bottles filled with rice, medicine and Bibles.

Recent defectors say they ate rice that appeared on the shores of North Korea.

It is common knowledge that foreign aid through official channels is diverted to the army. The best goes to elites as the rural poor starve.

Over 1,300 pounds of rice is sent in each rice bottle launch. The 2-liter plastic bottles hold food worth more than one month’s wage. Bibles are in the North Korean language.

Christian Freedom International helps these and other relief efforts.

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