Breaking Chains

April 4, 2024

Our school Director messaged twice. Once was on a Saturday morning when Victory Bible Academy students were playing in a new soccer tournament for teams on the Burmese border. Another team had cursed, tripped, and hit our students during the game. Behind their actions was ethnic hostility. This is a symptom of the decades-long war…

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Aid For Survivors of Christmas Massacre in Nigeria

March 13, 2024

The news from Nigeria turned quickly. First, it was heart-warming, then horrifying. Let’s start with the good news. Last Christmas children were thrilled to open bags filled with gifts. Dozens of young adults cheerfully carried new furniture into their home. The surprise Christmas gifts were for our sponsored children from supporters like you. The young adults…

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Internet: A Gift for the Persecuted & Tool for Persecution

February 12, 2024

When I watched the video, I knew something was not right. A young man looked up in fear. A loud voice spoke in Arabic, and the man repeated in barely a whisper. The video was posted on an Islamist leader’s social media. An imam was exposing this new Christian and claiming he returned to Islam…

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