Please Pray for Christians in North Korea

PA North-Korea

North Korea is a country controlled by one man, the dictator Kim, Jong-un. Under the rule of Kim Jong-un, his father and his grandfather before that, millions of North Korean men, women, and children have perished through starvation, execution, during imprisonment, and in forced-labor camps. Human rights in North Korea are virtually non-existent. The government controls every aspect of individual lives including speech, opinion, food rations, thought, employment, travel, assembly, right to life, and especially religion. Christians are especially endangered.

According to the US Commission on Religious Freedom 2018 report “The North Korean government’s approach toward religion and belief is among the most hostile and repressive in the world. Freedom of religion or belief does not exist in North Korea. The regime exerts absolute influence over the handful of state-controlled houses of worship permitted to exist, creating a facade of religious life in North Korea. In practice, the North Korean regime treats religion as a threat, particularly faiths associated with the West, such as Christianity, and is known to arrest, torture, imprison, and even execute religious believers.”