Eritrea Arrests Pentecostals While Praying


Reports are trickling out of police in Eritrea raiding private gatherings and arresting Christians while they pray.

Eritrea outlawed most Christian denominations and closed Evangelical churches in 2002.

Christians who worship in unregistered churches are considered enemies of the state. Jailed without charges or trials, some are beaten, kept in shipping containers in the desert, hanged from trees, and tortured.

“The torture of Christians is widespread” in Eritrean prisons, reported a recent global review of persecution by the Bishop of Truro.

Eritrea has been called the “North Korea of Africa.” President Isaias Afwerki has ruled with an iron-fist since 1993.

Pray for:

  1. Miracles to free and heal Christians and prove Jesus’ power.
  2. Truth to break through and open the eyes of Eritrean persecutors.
  3. Justice, righteousness and grace to spread and transform Eritrea.