Chad: Musa’s Gain After Family Attacks Him

Musa paid a high price – from his own family – for his new belief in Jesus.

And Jesus has rewarded him.

Medical missionaries Bert and Debbie Ourbre met Musa at their hospital in Chad.

This is their story. (They gave CFI permission to reprint from their blog):

Meet Musa- (name changed to protect the individual). Musa had come to visit his sick sister at the hospital and while he was there, he picked up one of the New Testaments, in Arabic script, that are in the ward. As Musa read the New Testament, he was impressed by who Jesus was. Our Ethiopian chaplains visit the wards daily, talking and praying with patients and their caregivers.

It was during one of those visits that Musa started talking with them and asked to know more about what he was reading. During one of these talks, Musa accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior!

He could not wait to tell his family and friends about the joy and peace that he was experiencing. He encouraged them to accept Christ as well. That did not sit well with this Muslim family!

Musa was thrown in jail by his older brother, who was an officer at the prison, for over 4 months because of the family’s anger towards him because of his change of faith. Four months later, he was released from prison. While in prison, the chaplains and other Christians visited him, encouraging, and discipling him in his new faith.

After his release, he visited with Bert and told him that nothing could take away his newfound faith and joy! Unfortunately, Musa was again found by his family. They kidnapped, beat, and tried to kill him.

During a machete attack, Musa put his hands up to try to protect himself. The tendon in his left thumb was severed, leaving him with a useless thumb and a mangled hand.

Through it all, his faith in Christ remained strong and he was finally able to escape and return to our area. Musa returned to the home of a local pastor who had discipled him prior to being kidnapped.

All along, Bert had asked about news of Musa, but didn’t have any until this pastor friend called Bert and told him the good news that Musa was still alive, having escaped from his family, standing very strong in his faith even through persecution, and what had happened to his thumb.

Bert met with Musa and was so excited that he was continuing so strongly in the Lord! Musa repeatedly told Bert that he would never deny Christ no matter what!

Surgery was scheduled a few days before we left Chad. It was a success! He can extend his thumb again. We all praised the Lord!

PRAY for Musa as his faith continues to grow stronger and that he continues to not be ashamed of the gospel.

Another issue is that all his legal documents have been taken by his family and now he needs to get them replaced which isn’t always easy in Chad. Without them, he can’t legally travel, get a job, etc. PRAY for wisdom for our team as they help Musa navigate through this issue!