Burma: Pastors Killed, Attacks Force Hundreds into Thailand


Burmese military attacks on ethnic villages are forcing hundreds of people to flee into Thailand. In another region, the Burmese junta arrested and killed two pastors. They were apparently tortured.

Since a Feb 1 coup, Burma’s junta has beaten, tortured, killed, and cut off aid and supplies to thousands of families to crush resistance.

This week, a flood of civilians landed near Christian Freedom International’s (CFI) school on the border of Burma. Up to 3,000 are expected.

Students at CFI’s Victory Bible Academy are delivering emergency food and water to the refugees.

Victory Bible Academy trains persecuted Christians to be leaders in serving others. Each December students organize mission trips into Burma and surrounding villages. This year their plans were cut back due to the violence and Covid restrictions.

Instead, the attacks have forced villagers out of Burma and into the region near CFI’s school. Many of the villagers are from Christian-majority ethnic groups.

In another region of Burma, Pastor Om Kee was arrested by Burma’s junta on December 11 and killed on December 12, Chindwin News Agency reported. His body was thrown in the bush near a hotel zone.

Salai Ngwe Kyar, a pastor and theology student, was arrested and killed during a military interrogation on December 8.

Pastor Cung Biak Hum was shot dead by Burma junta soldiers on September 18 and his wedding ring stolen by cutting off his finger. He had rushed to extinguish fires in a neighborhood caused by military artillery shells.

Pray for:

  • Christians in Burma to find refuge and peace in Jesus.
  • Burmese junta and troops to miraculously turn to God.
  • CFI’s Victory Bible Academy students to represent Jesus in all they do.

Villagers flee Burmese military attacks.

Villagers run from Burma’s attacks into Thailand.

Christian Freedom International’s students provide aid for those fleeing attacks.