“We were considered infidels. We count it all joy”


Today the U.S. State Department will release its annual International Religious Freedom report. Expect to be shocked.

Each country’s laws, practices, and violations of religious freedom will be open for the world to see.

The magnitude of persecution globally against people for their faith literally fills a book – each year.

Recently I told a friend about how converts to Christ are treated in one country. Beaten, denied jobs, their land and property stolen, daily indignities. Their most immediate threat is from their own family.

Stunned, he asked, “Why would anyone endure that just for a belief?”

That’s a good question. Would we endure persecution – be willing to lose everything – for a belief?

For Christians, the question is not for what, but for Whom are we willing to lose everything.

Is Jesus worth our reputation, relationships, careers, security, lives?

A Christian young woman who lived under ISIS in Iraq fled with only her life and family. When she saw a Christian Freedom International t-shirt with a Nun, the Arabic letter N for Nazarene that ISIS graffitied on Christians’ homes and businesses, she bought it.

“We were considered Infidels because we are Christian,” she told us. “To us , it is hard to be identified that way. But we count it all joy when we are persecuted for Christ.”


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