Victory: Asia Bibi’s Acquittal Upheld by Pakistan Supreme Court


Pakistan’s highest court re-affirmed that Asia Bibi is not guilty of blasphemy.

Pray for her safety. She is free to leave Pakistan, but radical Islamists may always pursue her.

Asia Bibi was found innocent of all charges in October 2018. But protesters shut down cities and demanded the Supreme Court review the case – and not allow her to leave the country. Radical Islamists threatened to kill Pakistani justices who found her innocent. This was not an idle threat: A governor and a government official had been assassinated for defending Asia, and the assassins treated as heroes.

Asia has been in a secret location in Islamabad since then. Several countries have offered asylum.

Extremists threaten any country that provides her asylum. The Netherlands recalled its diplomatic staff from its embassy in Pakistan following threats after Asia Bibi’s lawyer fled to that country.

Several Christians in Pakistan accused of blasphemy are in jail with their cases pending. Their cases are being held discreetly so to not inflame radical Islamists.

In many cases, blasphemy accusations stem from attempts to grab Christians’ property.

Pray for:

Asia Bibi’s safety.

The extremist culture in Pakistan to end.

Christians in Pakistan to be a light for Jesus.