Notes from the Underground Railroad

People escaping from North Korea need safe houses to hide in. Many stay for months. 

These long stays allow escapees in shelters supported by Christian Freedom International to learn the Bible. They can meet Jesus and bring the Truth to wherever they go next, either to a free country or compelled back to North Korea. 

They carry God’s word in them to encourage other persecuted Christians. 

Pray for the ability of North Koreans to memorize the Bible while in shelters. 

Our partner who courageously rescues North Koreans wrote: 

“The situation is not good for the shelters. Chinese police are tightening efforts to arrest people who escape from North Korea.” 

“They are in the shelters for a long time because there is nowhere else to go. The owners say, please empty this house. If people get caught, the owners will lose their homes.” 

“Many escapees are being arrested in China.” 

“Because of Christian Freedom International’s support, we have been able to keep them safe for now. We have to relocate the shelters. The plan was for me to go to China, but China is after me.” 

“You have given hope to us and the escapees. We will do our best to help them reach freedom one day. Some have lived in China for so long. Christian Freedom International has helped their survival in China.” 

Later he sent an update: 

“Greetings! Thank God that we know you. We deeply appreciate we were able to manage through the Covid period that was very difficult for us.” 

“Christian Freedom International is the great support that kept us active. I think we are one of the few that are operating two shelters in China for defectors. I went recently and met North Korean defectors who are living in a very desperate environment.” 

• Currently, there is an average of 40 defectors in shelters run by CFI. There are five children under age 12. The adults are ladies, ages from 20 to 60. 

• There is a woman who has been sold to Chinese households 4 times (she ran away a couple of times). Fortunately, she got connected to a lady who led her to a CFI shelter. 

• The defectors are very sensitive due to many fears. Many are mentally fragile and insecure — especially when they see Chinese police. 

• We delivered Bibles to the CFI shelters. The solar powered Bible radios are especially popular. It would be nice to have more, but currently it’s too dangerous to deliver them. 

• Even though many had not been exposed to Christianity, they read the Bible as there is not much else to do. 

• Due to the extreme difficulty to rescue, some have been in the shelters for a very long time. One of the property owners became extremely fearful because of China’s new counterespionage law. He now risks being heavily penalized and losing his home if caught. The property owner demanded to empty the CFI shelter in 3 days. There were 18 defectors hiding in that shelter. 

“Finding a new shelter and doing a site inspection within this short time was a very perilous task. But otherwise, their lives would be in great danger. Thank God, miraculously a shelter in a remote area was identified.” 

“CFI graciously provided the down payment, rent and the living cost for the next few months. Much thanks to CFI and partners for saving lives!” 

“I think we can call it God’s miracle that at least 50 people this year were able to sustain their lives in these shelters that you are supporting. That’s truly a miracle.” 

“Right now, there are many North Koreans in China even though there are many oppressions in China. Through your support and members of the international society, I believe we can stop or undermine the repatriation of defectors back to North Korea. We can give hope to them.” 

“A hope that we can give is that we work together and with our efforts together, God mobilizes.” 

“I’m sorry that I am getting the thanks and appreciations from North Korean defectors in our shelters as they can only communicate to me. But one day, once they are liberated, they will be able to say much thanks to you as well. Let’s do until the end. Thank you.” 

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