Christian Couple Acquitted in Pakistan!

October 14, 2021

Dear Friend of the Persecuted Church, We have amazing news from – of all places – Pakistan! A Christian couple who was convicted of blasphemy have been acquitted! And your support for Christian Freedom International helped to win their freedom. Here is their exciting story – and more ways to help persecuted Christians: Shagufta and…

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Your New Catalogue!

September 9, 2021

Dear Friend of the Persecuted, Here it is – Christian Freedom International’s newest catalogue! Browse to see our newest – and top-selling – Bible-inspired designs for t-shirts. We also have boutique items like traditional handbags, tunics, and scarves – handwoven by Karen Christian students at our school for refugees. Take a look – and share…

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Survivors Call for the End of Deadly ‘Apostasy’ Laws

July 26, 2021

Mariam Ibrahim, a Christian, was accused of ‘apostasy’ and sentenced to death in Sudan. (Photo: William Levi)  When the Freedom to Believe is a Crime Survivors who escaped torture and death sentences for their religious beliefs are calling for the end of “apostasy” laws. Over 20 countries criminalize ‘apostasy’ – leaving a state religion –…

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