Christians tortured and killed in Egypt

March 6, 2017

“God gave the orders to kill every infidel” A CFI coworker in Egypt reports that two Christians, a father and son, were killed on February 22, 2017. Their bodies were found dumped on a roadside in Arish, Egypt. Incidents such as this have become all too common in Egypt since the Muslim Brotherhood became a…

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The right way to help refugees

March 2, 2017

“Persecuted Christian refugees from Burma wanted more. They wanted to live the ‘American dream’.” SAULT STE. MARIE, MICHIGAN — Almost 10 years ago, tens of thousands of persecuted Christian refugees from Burma were resettled to the United States. Many of the refugees knew Christian Freedom International because of the years CFI assisted them in Burma.…

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What do we know about refugees?

February 16, 2017

“There is strong evidence that many Muslims hold views that clash with Western norms.” What do we know about the religious and political beliefs of refugees and asylum seekers who have entered the United States these past eight years? The U.S. takes more than twice as many refugees as all countries from the rest of…

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