Mob attacks Christians as new study shows growing hostility

coptic chirstian persecution

A recent attack on Egyptian Coptic Christians backs up the findings of a newly-released global study revealing that Christians are persecuted by governments, individuals and societies more than any other faith group

The Pew Research Center found that hostility towards Christians is growing worldwide. Among the world’s 25 most populous countries, Egypt ranked high in the overall levels of religious restrictions.

Just days before Pew released its report, Christian Freedom International’s co-worker in Egypt sent this report:

A Muslim mob attacked Christians, their homes and properties in the village of Tarshop in Beni Suef Governorate on Monday afternoon, June 4.The attacks against the Christian villagers came after some Christian villagers refused to allow some Muslim young men to swim in the canal in front of their homes nude as they wanted to harass the Coptic women.

Many Muslims then gathered in the front of the Christian homes and began pelting these homes with stones and bricks while chanting Allahu Akbar (God is greater) and slogans against Christians.

The attacks on Christians resulted in destroying the windows and doors of Coptic-owned-houses, and the injury of other Copts.

Police arrived in the village very late at 8:00 p.m. and arrested seven Christian villagers and two Muslim villagers and jailed them pending the investigation.

Egyptian Christians have endured centuries of discrimination and martyrdom. But attacks have grown in brutality as foreign jihadis and weapons are smuggled into the country. Hostile acts against Christians by local people are often excused or downplayed by police and officials, and Christians are blamed for somehow instigating the attacks.

Experts are documenting the persecution. Jesus explains His followers’ resilience:

“In this world you will have trouble. Take heart! I have overcome this world.” John 16:33