How We’re Helping During Corona Virus Crisis


Pictured: Rice and Bibles (on micro-chips) to float into North Korea after borders locked-down

The corona virus has created a rare moment in history.
All over the world, people are experiencing the same crisis together.

But for persecuted Christians who are already marginalized, quarantines, shut-downs, and food price-hikes add to their troubles.

Driven by God’s grace and compassion, here are a just few ways Christian Freedom International is helping:

  • Our sponsored children in dense Christian ghettos are given care packages with soap, antiseptic sprays, disinfectants, cough, cold and flu medicines, tissues and more.

Care package of sanitizers and medicines for Christian children

  • Our school buildings are thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants. Teachers keep refugee students on-track with lessons online, and personally check in on them.

Practicing washing hands after school is sanitized

  • Church services for Pakistani Christian refugees go online – and prayer meetings added for Christians in Pakistan.
  • Rice and Bibles delivered by river currents even as North Korea’s borders are locked down.

Just like the early Church during plagues and persecutions – Christians find ways to help. Please pray for these Christians around the globe today.

How are you holding up? Let us know how we can pray for you at [email protected]

“For He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.” Psalm 91:3.

For Christ,
Wendy Wright