Christians in Burma Cope with Covid, Coup Violence


Pictured: Christians in Burma receive food and encouragement from Christian Freedom International


Christians in Burma say the “situation is becoming bad to worse” as the country endures a violent coup and a third wave of Covid.

A Baptist pastor was shot dead by Burma junta soldiers and his wedding ring stolen by cutting off his finger on Sept 18. He had rushed outside to extinguish fires in the neighborhood started by the military’s artillery shells. Over 19 houses were burned down.

Another pastor was arrested two days earlier by armed men in plain clothes.

The Baptist World Alliance says it is “intentional targeting of religious leaders in Chin State.”

Burma’s military coup has led to severe restrictions on banking and transportation. This compounds the stress of lock-downs from Covid.

Christian Freedom International has helped with ministering and getting aid to those trapped in villages and jungles.

One pastor in Burma reports:

Many are suffering under the coup. The actual situation is worse than [what is reported] on the news. By grace, we are still alive and safe at home.

The third wave of pandemic is worse than the first and second waves. It created so many hardships for our people. People are dying every day.

The difficulties are the daily friend we have though we don’t want them.

Christians have not been able to meet for months. But a pastor told Christian Freedom International:

Whatever our country situation is, it is not something to stop us from worshipping God. By grace, technology helps us. We are using Zoom for our meeting every Sunday. I am happy for I still preach, encourage, and strengthen my members in this hard time. I am happy for them for they still hear the word of God.

All I can do for them is pray and preach through Zoom for we are in lock-down due to Covid.

Getting aid and support to Christians in Burma is challenging especially since the coup. And they greatly appreciate it. One told Christian Freedom International:

I was so thankful for your help, kindness and generosity toward us. Thank you so much! Praise God for He provided for us through you and other friends who are concerned for us like you!

Pray for Christians in Burma:

  • To experience the truth that “the government [dominion] will be upon His shoulder.” Isaiah 9:6
  • For their “daily bread”.
  • To be filled with courage and joy.