Reaching Persecuted Children

May 11, 2022

Dear Friend of the Persecuted Church, Millions of Christians face persecution worldwide. And that includes children. Christian children are targeted for bullying and abuse for their belief in Jesus. Many live in poverty because they are Christian. Some face extreme pressures – even kidnapping and attempts to kill them – to force them to turn…

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Escape from North Korea

April 1, 2022

Dear Friend of the Persecuted Church,  You can grasp our dilemma: How can we help the persecuted in North Korea where the situation is grim and, since Covid, it has gotten worse? A visit from a young man – and his story of escape – turned despair to hope. He came to say “thank you”…

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Converts to Christ Persecuted for Believing

March 1, 2022

Dear Friend of the Persecuted Church, Jadrah’s friends call him a “living Peter”.  Like the apostle, God miraculously revealed to “Jadrah” that Jesus is the Christ. Like Peter, he uses the sacred texts of his culture to reveal Jesus to others, and he is mistreated for following Christ. And he once . . . under…

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