Prayer Alerts

Eritrea Arrests Pentecostals While Praying

June 6, 2019

Reports are trickling out of police in Eritrea raiding private gatherings and arresting Christians while they pray. Eritrea outlawed most Christian denominations and closed Evangelical churches in 2002. Christians who worship in unregistered churches are considered enemies of the state. Jailed without charges or trials, some are beaten, kept in shipping containers in the desert,…

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Burkina Faso Christians Killed at Church; Refused to Convert to Islam

May 13, 2019

One week after devastating massacres in Sri Lankan churches, Christians in Burkina Faso were killed by Islamists while attending an Assemblies of God church. Two weeks later, a Catholic church was similarly attacked. These were the first direct attacks on churches in the historically religiously tolerant African nation. But in the last two years, waves…

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Asia Bibi Reaches Freedom

May 8, 2019

Asia Bibi finally made it out of Pakistan seven months after being acquitted by Pakistan’s Supreme Court of blasphemy charged. She was forced to live in safe houses after Muslim mobs threatened to kill her and the justices. She is reportedly in Canada where her children are living. Praise God for Asia Bibi’s acquittal and release…

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