Prayer Alerts

Chinese Police Raid Church, Arrest Leaders

December 12, 2018

Chinese officials swept up the outspoken pastor of a prominent house church in Chengdu along with elders, members, seminary students and parents of students in a crack-down on Sunday night, December 9, 2018. Several government departments scoured the city to locate the Christians in their homes and workplaces. “Police have broken down doors, swarmed apartment…

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Pray for Christians in Egypt

November 30, 2018

CFI received this report from our co-worker in Egypt: On Sunday evening, 25 November, a Coptic Christian minor girl named Mary Hanna, from the village of Salamoun, Tema, disappeared. Mary had gone to Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox church in Salamoun village at 6:00 pm to attend the church prayer meeting. After the prayer meeting at…

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Thai/Myanmar Quandary for Christian Minorities

November 20, 2018

Ethnic minorities from Burma/Myanmar, many who are Christian, face a quandary. Whether displaced in Myanmar or in refugee camps in Thailand, they cannot stay, and they cannot go. Over 250,000 have been forced out of their villages by Burma’s Army which, for decades, used the same kind of tactics they used on the Rohingya. Over…

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