Asia Bibi needs asylum now


Pakistan's Supreme Court upheld its acquittal of Asia Bibi on January 29, 2019. She is free to leave Pakistan - where she will never be safe. The more countries that offer her asylum, the harder it will be for extremists to find her.

Asia Bibi is reportedly being hunted by Islamic radicals after being acquitted by Pakistan's Supreme Court of false charges of blasphemy.

She was released from jail, but is not free in a country filled with Islamic vigilantes seeking to execute her.

Several countries may offer her asylum. The U.S. should join them - and make it more difficult for Islamists to find her.

Send this petition to your congressmen, senators, Secretary of State Pompeo and the White House.

Asia Bibi was acquitted of false accusations of blasphemy, yet Islamic radicals in Pakistan are demanding she be killed. The U.S. should offer her and her family asylum.

Asia, an impoverished Christian mother, is reportedly being hunted by Islamists going door-to-door with her picture. Pakistan's Supreme Court found no evidence that she committed blasphemy, and called on Muslims to live at peace with Christians. Yet Islamist vigilantes - who killed two government officials in the past who supported her - shut down major areas of Pakistan and demand she not be allowed out of the country.

Several countries announced they may offer Asia Bibi asylum. The more countries, the better; to prove the true side of justice and to stand up for righteousness.

The U.S. ought to be in the forefront of defending and protecting innocent victims of religious persecution.

Please speak up for Asia Bibi and help her get to freedom.

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